The proven system to ignite money-making power, manifest millions with ease and live a life of bliss
(without the stress, doubt or fear)!


Have you ever seen super rich and successful
Authors, Creators, or Entrepreneurs and wondered,

“What’s their secret? Do they have something I don’t?”

If you’ve been listening to all the gurus, setting more goals, grinding and working harder, it can be frustrating to see others who appear to be doing the same thing as you, but are making more money and living their dream lifestyle!
And if you’ve struggled with the fear of being seen or feelings of doubt and unworthiness, then seeing other people’s wealth success stories can be totally intimidating. It can be especially frustrating when you’re working just has hard as them (if not more)…
…Perhaps you’re thinking, “If I could just get relief from the stress and fear about money, then I’d be able to turn my desire into millions doing what I love…and manifest everything I desire!”
You’d love to experience the same success, but how? Do these other money-makers have something you don’t? Nope!

You can do it, too. Just imagine...

Being a best-selling author, top influencer or go-to-leader in your niche and changing thousands of lives for the better.

Blowing the roof off of your money manifestation goals with limitless money-making abilities.

Finally being able to travel and eat out wherever you want, buy your dream house and give your family the life they deserve while living in Universal alignment and flow.

Making TONS of money doing what you love without the hard work, stress or frustration.

You can make more money NOW doing what you love without needing to work harder, set more goals, or feel hopeless or unworthy ever again.

I’m Exhausted & Tired Of Trying...Is It Too Late For Me?

(Absolutely not! But you need to know how to shift your mind and energy blocks.)

For decades we’ve leaned on our parents and “the gurus” for wealth advise. We’ve been told money is hard to come by and success and riches require us to set goals and work hard.
Well...that’s simply not true.
These methods wear us out and don’t work in the long run. There’s a much faster and fulfilling way to break out of the 5-figure hamster wheel by engaging with the magic of the Universe!
Besides, if you’re building wealth based on goals and hard work, you’re literally placing limitations on what’s possible and exhausting yourself in the process. What’s the point of earning money, only to be drained once it comes?



Real Talk:

What is “engaging with the Universe” anyways?

 Oh, just that thing you’re already doing! You thinking, feeling, speaking, touching, smelling, visualizing and meditating (just to name a few).
The thing is, we eventually discovered that HOW we engaged can attract abundance, repel it, limit it and even take it away.  

The foundation of our fortune is HOW we engaged with the magic of the Universe.

And in our opinion, it’s the BEST way to create unlimited wealth and lasting success. If you clear your mindset and energy money blocks, you can connect to what your soul truly wants and see that it’s possible which sparks heart-centered passion and creativity. And once you ignite your creativity? You unleash your potential! Then with vulnerability you let go and trust so you can receive wealth and success!
But of course… it’s not as simple as doing a few meditations and repeating some positive affirmations and expecting the money and achievement to simply roll in. You need to use a specific strategy that’s designed for authors, creators and entrepreneurs AND that works now and in the future.

The best way to manifest millions from engaging with the magic of the Universe is by shifting your mindset and energy blocks.


Yes, our businesses seperately bring in millions per year. You just can’t do that with goal-setting and hard work (believe us, we’ve tried!).


You’re already more imaginative and self-motivated than most! Our unique meditation method helps you leverage that imagination and drive to tune into the abundant energy of the Universe so you can CLEAR energy blocks and attract abundance—FAST. Woot!
With mindset and energy blocks cleared, you can IGNITE your creativity and unlimited potential to become a potent manifester of your wildest dreams based on your passion and intuitive action vs. goal-setting and relentless grind. That’s more like it!
Your money-making abilities are infinite. The leap of faith needed to RECEIVE $1,000 dollars is the same as $1,000,000. And you can trust that your alignment with the Universe will manifest abundance and fortune time and time again. Amazing, right?

It takes commitment and a bit of vulnerability to make this happen, but it’s not hard to do if you have a step-by-step plan to follow. You can totally get amazing results just like us and the hundreds of our Money Magic members have.

USA Today Bestselling Author


"In the last three weeks, I've made more than I did in all of 2020."

We created The Money Magic Membership to give you the complete system we used to turn our deepest desires and intuitive action into financial freedom.

We haven’t always had a multi-million dollar business. We know what it’s like to struggle with self-limiting beliefs, suffocating financial stress and feelings of unworthiness. Truuuust us.
When we both started our money transformation journeys, we were struggling writers with little income. We didn’t feel fulfilled, we worked in jobs we hated and our hope things would change was fading fast.
In other words, we totally get it.
And despite all the goal-setting, planning and hard work...the BIG money never came. Then the bottom fell out for us: we struggled with financial hardship including a wiped out bank account, maxed out credit cards, leveled off income (plus a declining marriage to boot).
We looked at successful business owners and assumed they were better than us or embodied something we didn’t.
We were listening to the top gurus, plus working our butts off day in and day out – so why was nothing working?
Then, things changed.
After years of taking shots in the dark, we began to see the light. We didn’t realize it at the time, but we were developing a system – one that actually worked – to engage the magic of the Universe and turn our deepest desires and intuitive action into thriving businesses. Soon, we were millionaires with multiple revenue streams and best-selling chart-topping books—all while doing what we love. Whether first with our own projects, or later working together, we’ve both found success and made a fortune with this method...time and time again.
Now, a few years later, we’re teaching others how to do what we’ve done.
Our community of students includes hundreds of success stories! We’ve turned our passion and intuition into multiple million dollar businesses…all because we learned how to use our energy and mindset shifts as magical tools to make a fortune doing what we love and manifesting everything we desire (and YOU can, too!)


With The Money Magic Membership




The 3-Step Money Magic Method



As a Money Magic member you’re going to:


Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With
The Money Magic Membership


The Money Magic Course ($1,997 Value) 

This 4-part online course is the shortcut for you to learn powerful ancient energetic knowledge and sacred meditation techniques to ignite your money-making abilities while doing what you love so you’re able to feel held, manifest millions and live a life of bliss.

Monthly Money Magic Meditation Calls ($24,700 Value)

These live, monthly group calls with Lee and Renee make it easy for you to clear abundance blocks and gain the potency of manifesting from multi-million dollar entrepreneurs which enables you to make more money now (without the overwhelm, exhaustion or burnout) and finally live a bliss-filled life where everything you want flows to you.

The Magic Spell ($1,500 Value)

This fool-proof step-by-step abundance mindset method is the secret to sustain a money mindset and attract abundance (even amidst chaotic days and busy schedules) so you can stay focused on your Money Magic path no matter what.

Introduction To Using Intuition ($150 Value)

This exclusive training video is the secret to learning the essential methods to reconnect and listen to your intuition so you can gain the confidence to take intuitive action and ultimately make money mindset work easy, doable and fun.

The 3-Minute Ease Into Meditation Training Video ($47 Value)

This short but powerful video is the key to learning how to meditate and knowing that you’re doing it correctly so you can quickly practice meditation with ease, stick to it long-term and get the most from your Money Magic journey.

The Money Magic Community (Priceless!)

This closed, exclusive Facebook group makes it simple to instantly plug into a cosmic network of like-minded money manifesters so you can share your experiences, get inspired, feel supported and connect with a group of people who share similar goals, challenges and desires as you.

You also get tons of bonuses when you enroll…

$10,520 worth of bonuses, if you’re keeping track.


Let’s take a peek at the extras you’re gonna get when you enroll:


 Access To The Money Magic Video Vault ($10,000 Value)

This powerful video library filled with Lee and Renee’s most potent recordings makes it simple to quickly discover and access the specific money manifestation videos you need so you can connect with the teachings anytime and maintain your money magic powers for life.

The Science Behind Money Magic Fact Guide ($20 Value)

This unique guide with 50 facts from the world’s top neuroscientists and hypnotherapists is the best way to quickly learn the latest science supporting the mindset and wealth connection so you can start your Money Magic journey with confidence.

Millionaire Vision: A Goal-Setting Workshop ($500 Value)

This self-paced online course holds the key to reaching your goals—FAST! Taught by Lee Savino, this course will show you how to set your goals, hit them quickly and profit so you can grow your fortune and live your dream life.

Total Value $38,914

But, today you’re getting all of this for just a small fraction of that.


Only $39/mo



USA Today Bestselling Author


"I enrolled in the monthly membership over a year ago and it's transformed how I approach my author business. The shared energy with like-minded authors always reinvigorates me!"

Once you’ve made the shifts from The Money Magic Membership, it’ll be so much easier to attract and receive a never-ending flow of wealth and success.

The whole point of The Money Magic Membership is to show you how to clear your energetic blocks and then make the mindshifts needed so you can manifest anything you desire. The best part is you don’t need to over-complicate this whole money thing. We’re going to keep it real: the system takes vulnerability + a commitment to implement, but anyone can do it (no matter how deep your money trauma is or what audience you serve!).
Yes, this system works even if you’re brand new to energy healing or meditation!
The Money Magic Membership is filled with ancient energetic knowledge and sacred meditation techniques that have helped us make millions and live with more ease, magic and joy.
We’ve done the deep soul-searching, experimenting, and implementing and have invested over $100,000 in money manifestation courses and coaching. Now you have the opportunity to receive our treasured methods to feel held, manifest millions and live a life of bliss. Think about how much time and money you’d save by joining The Money Magic Membership… by finally knowing the exact path you need to ignite your money-making abilities. So long “desperation” and “struggle”.

Join now to use our 3-Step Money Magic Method to make more money now and live with more ease and flow.


Are you willing to wait another year to become a successful author, creator or entrepreneur and live a joy-filled life, full of magic and abundance?


Or do you want to start manifesting NOW in the next days and weeks?



It’s ok if you’re uneasy or have doubts. Once you get inside The Money Magic Membership, it’ll all start to align and make sense.

We get it! So many of the members who were drawn to this program were uneasy when they first joined, too. It’s scary to try new things. It’s too confronting to think that there maybe “something wrong” with you that blocks money and success. And it’s overwhelming to think if this membership will be “just like all the other” tactics you’ve tried and failed with. Trust us, we understand how you’re feeling right now.
But what if Money Magic was the step-by-step roadmap you’ve been wishing for that guided you from being “broke” to “abundant”?
For hundreds of students, it already is!
Here’s what we definitely know:
It’s time for you to ignite your money-making abilities, doing what you love, where you’re living with ease and flow, and where you’re able to align with your purpose and vibrations of abundance.
This is your chance to finally manifest your deepest desires, live with more freedom, and experience a bliss and magic beyond your wildest dreams.



Hi! We're your guides, Lee Savino & Renee Rose.

We’re known for breaking down complex manifestation practices into simple step-by-step systems, and helping our members create joyful lives that fulfill their highest divine destiny. We’ve tried almost every wealth-building method out there, like working in finance, following the gurus and spending countless hours planning, working, wishing and hoping.
Using our money manifestation systems, we’ve been able to grow multiple 7-figure businesses in just a few years, buy dream homes and cars and teach hundreds of members how to attract their own abundant lifestyle. Plus, we were able to harness our deepest desires and intuitive action to attract a thriving community of like-minded manifesters. Engaging in the magic of the Universe is the foundation behind our fortune.
But the road we traveled wasn't always paved with gold.


Back when we started our money manifestation journeys, we were both feeling trapped, unworthy and powerless. What started as a divine spark and then “chance meeting” quickly grew to become one of the most transformative encounters of our lives and we’re so grateful every day for our friendship and this membership program we’ve created online.
So even if you’re new to money manifestation, have a meditation training collection of 1 (a YouTube video), or have no idea what you want to manifest right now, The Money Magic Membership will become your online haven for claiming your rightful path and creating the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of.

You get 30 days to test drive The Money Magic Membership. If you’re not amazed, you’ll receive a full refund.

Not sure if Money Magic is right for you? Well, we’re giving you one whole month to try our methods. If you reach out within 30 days after joining to let us know that you’re not experiencing more abundance with the membership, we’ll auto-magically give you a full refund.

We’re offering this money-back guarantee because we believe so strongly in the potency The Money Magic Membership and we want you to see how life-changing this membership and community can be, risk-free.

Are you ready to give it one last try and finally make the fortune you deserve?



Money Magic Membership


Our best plan ever

  • The Money Magic Course
  • Monthly Meditation Calls
  • The Money Spell
  • Introduction To Using Intuition
  • 3-Minute Ease Into Meditation Training
  • The Money Magic Community
  • Access To The Money Magic Video Vault
  • The Money Mindset Fact Guide
  • Millionaire Vision: A Goal-Setting Workshop